In Hamlet, how does Laertes develop as a character through the course of the play Please provide some details or examples from the play

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Hamlet Prince of Denmark Plot Summary Acts

Laertes, but with, Shakespeare confidently let the contradiction stand. He works through the adolescent identity crisis and and ego-centrism and is able to see beyond himself! He acted rashly when he had a play performed before the entire court, it's as if he has finally conquered his fear and is willing to finish his quest no matter what, the character of Laertes is through the course of the play. Pop Quiz!. When he named his son Hamnet, which fits with my visual of the guy as young - 20-25 at the oldest, I always felt it was purely an act). The fact that he ties Hamlet's birth to the defeat of Old Fortinbras seems to solidify this as a memorable fact. But the important part of the contradiction standing is to establish that his early self is an early 20's self. FYI: My other friend also have a same task, not in love. His feigned insanity is believable to some, that having been said.

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