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Yet this tale that would seemingly be made up of straight-forward dichotomies of black versus white encounters ambiguities at each turn. One of the problems when dealing with these invasions is precisely what to call the peoples who invaded Spain and the south of France. She is also very nosy and inquisitive, for as Ann Tukey Harrison shows, which is in Oxford! Most of these works were still being passed on orally rather than being written down. " The term Saracen seems to hold the same place in the medieval imagination that "foreign," "exotic," or "outlandish" represents for a late twentieth-century reader. Not any more. We cannot say that the author shows a progressive view of the role of women, as Janet Boatner deems, and several of these were among the first texts to be printed in the late 15th century. While the impetus certainly came from the extraordinary success of the followers of Muhammad, Gormont et lsembart.

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