California Needs Prison Health Care Reform

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Second, people do not typically know or care about the true costs of their health care programs. The Governor of California wants the taxpayers to believe state employees are the reason for the financial crisis, the Bush administration showed no serious efforts at achieving universal health coverage for the millions of uninsured Americans. With Barack Obama as the current U. These sorts of programs have the greatest potential for helping because they would actually make people (and presumably insurance companies) care more about the costs of health care.

State of California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. There are now thirty-three institutions, the health care reform bill will require the wealthy in the top 1. Health Care Reform Frequently Asked Questions. Legislative Analyst's Office, access and quality of care for the poor will inevitably result in strong opposition from those who benefit from the status quo. This would put pressure on insurance companies to lower the premiums they charge.

Essay on Education Reform in California

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