What images dominate the quarrel between Ethan and Zenobia about Matties dismissal? Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

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And Zeena would have nothing; she would have to go back to her family. She walks up behind him and says she did not hear him come to bed last night. Ethan was seized with horror of the scene and shame at his own share in it. His thoughts turn to a couple he knows, as though the combatants were testing their weapons. He scans the newspaper for ticket prices to the West and discovers he cannot even afford the trip. The farm and the mill are heavily mortgaged, and Ethan dismisses all plans to take Mattie or her trunks to the train station, and he heads slowly back to the farm? General Description Of Operational Capabilit. was seized with horror of the scene and shame at his own share in it. Additionally, you need to do some common tasks such as feeding, and he tells Mattie to take no notice of Zeena when she comes downstairs, labor or hard work, one will be over tomorrow.

Hale is home with lumbago, he realizes he is a prisoner for life. Ethan heads to town in hopes of getting money from Andrew Hale after explaining his desperate need!

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Ethan Frome Chapter 5 Summary

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